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Front and Rear Suspension Repair in Santa Clarita, CA

The ASE-certified auto technicians at SCV Auto Repairs in Santa Clarita, CA offer comprehensive repair and maintenance services on front and rear suspensions of all cars, and light trucks, and SUVs. Your vehicle’s suspension performs the vital job of absorbing the impact of bumps, potholes, and uneven roads to maintain a safe and steady drive while you’re behind the wheel. When any parts of the system are out of whack, you may start to feel steering wheel vibrations, hear clunking underneath the car, or notice the vehicle pull to one side. If this sounds like your car, contact us to schedule a suspension service today.

Automotive Mechanic Replacing Car Suspension Elements

We Keep Your Suspension in Good Repair

A properly functioning suspension with parts free of defects and excessive wear is essential to provide safe and smooth driving. It will also help save you money since faulty suspensions can result in abnormal tire wear, requiring you to replace your tires sooner than expected. If you notice any clunky noises, vibrations in steering, or other signs of erratic driving, we’re happy to perform a complete inspection of your suspension system to determine what’s causing the issue. Our repairs can include:

  • Inspection and replacement of shocks
  • Strut replacement to fix vehicles that dip or lean to one side
  • Repair broke or damaged axles
  • Front and rear wheel alignments

Knowledgeable Mechanics at Your Service

Most car owners can tell when their vehicle starts to feel different. Whether it’s shaking, vibrations, pulling to the side of the road, or making noises as you go over bumps, these are important warning signs that shouldn’t be ignored. Scheduling an inspection of your vehicle’s suspension system as soon as you notice these things can be the key to saving yourself money on more extensive repairs. At SCV Auto Repairs, we’re committed to providing our customers with honest services at affordable prices to help them get the most out of their cars. Don’t pay dealership prices when you can get better service for less here. Contact us to schedule an appointment for suspension service today.

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